Who is attending AMTC? HEMS Critical Care is proud to announce staff writer, Amy Neglia will be presenting at this year’s conference. Amy is a Flight Nurse with Air St. Luke’s in Boise, ID and a Critical Care Nurse with the St. Luke’s Health System. She is a Clinical Nurse Specialist and has obtained her CCRN-CMC, CFRN & C-NPT certifications. This is the fourth time Amy has spoken at AMTC. Amy is passionate about education and providing a high-level of critical care

Amy’s lecture is entitled: Labs are Your Friends: Understanding How Lab Work Directs Patient Care           

Do you find lab work confusing? Does a flight crew need to understand serum lab values to take good care of patients? This session helps crews interpret labs on a level that can be integrated into patient care during transport.

Hope to see you all there!

Read Amy’s latest article on: Good Ventilator Management Made Easy


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